artist_jbI was born November 1955 in south Mississippi. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1982 and worked in advertising and design until 1998. From there I trusted in fate or destiny.

Following my intuition I found a metal worker who hired me to help in his shop located in a warehouse on the fringe of the city. There I found other artists and cheap rent. This was the combination that fostered my creative growth. The population of artists grew and we began to have group shows. My metalwork was selling and I began to paint in 2000. In the early fall of 2004 I had my final show at what had become known as the Boulevard Studios. The neighborhood had come up in the world. All the artists were soon displaced. The one-story warehouse is now three-story condos. Progress?

Moving west, I tried to locate in Seattle but city revitalization was one step ahead. I moved up to Lopez Island in Puget Sound, made some friends, and focused on the creative process once again. With every move my art matured. In April 2008 I held my last show on Lopez Island. I was Alabama bound.